This is the week that children of all ages ask their mom what they want for Mother's Day. And mom's typically answer, "a nap." And the kids always go, "no, for real, like what kind of present do you want." And moms are like, "no, seriously, AN UNINTERUPPTED NAP." And then Mother's Day comes and you don't get that nap, but you graciously sport your macaroni necklace as you clean up after your special breakfast. Let mom sleep in this Saturday and then treat her to some fun shopping.

The Mother's Day Farm Market will be hosted by Turner Farms at 3515 South 3rd Street West, which is past Caras Nursery and Hawthorne School, way down 3rd. You can shop and enjoy the food truck from noon to 3:30 this Saturday, May 8th. Admission is free and 15 vendors will be on hand, including Mill Creek Design and The Body Shop. The event Facebook page has started sharing who the vendors will be, you can keep up here.

As for the new food truck, it's called Wishbone "Wings & Whatnot" and that's exactly what it is - wings, corn dogs, fries, and what I'm hearing most about, chicken & waffles. They just started up but I found them on Instagram.

Another unique event going on this weekend that might be fun for mom is the Farm Hand Farm Plant Sale. Adelaide will have a selection of unique and heirloom varieties of tomatoes, peppers, squash, herbs, flowers, seed packets, and more to help you have a fabulous garden of any size this season. You can pre-order and have no-contact delivery through her website or email her with any questions at The plant sale will be held this Friday, May 7th, through Sunday, May 9th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day at 1031 Cooper Street in the alley.

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