I run a lot of errands in the Slant Street/Hip Strip area of town, yesterday I was driving up 4th street and saw a house for rent, which is only possible because of all of the students moving out right now. This didn't look like a student house though, it's clearly a family house, and just out of curiosity, and my desire to have more than 1 bathroom, I looked it up. Holy Mother of Grohl, the rent is $3,495 per month! But, there are 2 bathrooms. For 3500 hundred a month, I feel like there should be an individual bathroom for every resident and pet.

It's a rad house though, super nice, at 242 S. 4th Street W., right near Le Petit Outre and around the corner from Bernice's, in that area, walking distance to lots of great places on Higgins. If you're interested, it's 2,031 square feet and it's available right now, but it doesn't even have a washer & dryer and you can't bring your cat. Imagine having $6,990 on hand to secure a rental, I can't even. You can see more pics of this gem here.

Outside of student housing, assisted living, and low-income specific apartments, the cheapest rent I could find was $675 for 380 square feet. It's a studio at 430 South 5th Street West and is available now with a $950 deposit.

Based on wages offered in Missoula, living here is NOT cheap, and only getting more expensive with more out-of-staters moving in. According to Move Buddha, the average monthly rate for rent in Missoula is $852, quite lower than the national average, the cost of living is also lower, but it feels expensive because we're all broke. Good luck rental hunting, right now is the perfect time to be looking as students are leaving Missoula in droves.

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