While in my internet travels for the day, I came across a new study from Zippia called "The Smelliest States." It's exactly what it sounds like - a ranking of each state in the US from least smelly to most smelly.

And before clicking on it, I thought to myself - "There's potential for Montana to be pretty high up on this list." I don't think of Montana as all that smelly of a place, but I do know that we're one of only a few states that have more cows than we do people. You get all those cows in one place, and then we'll see who's really the smelliest!

Luckily, it looks like Montana's cows were spread out far enough where we actually ranked pretty well - Montana is only the number 34 smelliest state in the entire country! We did it, everybody!

So Who Was Actually the Smelliest State?

The study was determined by measuring factors like dirty air, the percentage of land taken up by landfills, population density, and dental hygiene. And with all that calculated, the number one smelliest state in the country was... Maryland!

Sorry, Maryland! That's not exactly a list you want to be at the top of. Coming up behind Maryland was California, Florida, Delaware, and Massachusetts to round out the top 5.

And if you decide to want to move to a less smelly part of the country? The Dakotas are where you want to be - both North and South Dakota actually tied for 49th place.

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