We have lots of new people moving to the area and the last thing you want to do is explain basic ski terms to the newbies. You can just tell them to read this before they start asking you a bunch of questions that will most likely annoy the heck out of you.

Basic terms:

Huge Dump: When we get a lot of snow overnight. Big Sky just got around 10 inches of fresh snow, that's a huge dump.

Freshies: Speaking of fresh snow, this is when you get to be the first one to make tracks on fresh/untouched snow.

Photo by shutter_speed on Unsplash
Photo by shutter_speed on Unsplash

Rip: When you don't suck at skiing or snowboarding. It's the opposite, you are really good at it.

Ripper: You can ski everything on the mountain. You are a pro.

Little Ripper: A kid that makes you look like trash on the mountain. They fly down the mountain leaving you in their shadows.

Photo by J G D on Unsplash
Photo by J G D on Unsplash

Face Shot: When you are rippin the mountain and the snow is so deep it will hit you in the face on every turn.

Liftie: The person who runs the ski lift.

Backcountry: This is the name given to the area that is outside of the ski area. It's the "ski at your own risk" area.

Bombing: Speeding downhill super fast, typically with not much control. This was what I did and dislocated both my knees. Not cool.

There are so many more terms, but these are just a few. If you want to see an entire list of terms, you can find it HERE.

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