The Red Cross could be seen all over Montana the last few months, working to bring aid to those affected by wildfires.

"We have been extremely busy, as you know this has been a very prolific wildfire season... we had more acreage burned in July alone than we do some entire wildfire seasons," said Red Cross of Montana Regional Communications director Matt Ochsner. "We have 15 trailers that are pre-positioned across the state with the equipment in them needed to set up a shelter. We have the pieces in place in order to set up a shelter within four hours of when that need arises."

Those Red Cross stations do a number of things including bringing food and providing shelter for those displaced.

"Since Early July to present, the Red Cross has set up 18 shelters across all corners of Montana in response to wildfires that includes over 1,000 meals served to folks that had to evacuate wildfires, we've also seen 188 overnight shelter stays," Ochsner said

One of the toughest weekends this summer was during Labor Day Weekend when the Caribou Fire tripled in size, burning down ten homes as it spread. Ochsner says the Red Cross put up five shelters that weekend in the space of less than 19 hours.

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