Ever since the closure of the Hamilton Job Service Office a few months ago, the Missoula Job Service office has been the main place for person-to-person appointments - except for Mondays and Thursdays. On those days, two Job Service representatives come to Hamilton for personal interviews on a local basis. They had been holding office hours in the morning at the Human Resource Council building at 303 North 3rd and in the afternoon they were at the Bitterroot College at 9th and Main. That's changing.

The hours are the same, but they're going to stay in just one location now. The new schedule has them at the Human Resource building all day - from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Of course, the offices in Missoula are also open during those days. Appointments at either location are strongly encouraged, according to DeLynn Gardner.

The main number at the Missoula Job Service is 728-7060 and they have job postings online at employmissoula.com. There's a special section for Bitterroot jobs in Ravalli County. Personal appointments in Hamilton can be set up at 560-1689 or 565-2243.

Recently, the job listings have covered multiple pages in almost every vocation. The Job Service is part of the americanjobcenter network and is operated by the Montana Department of Labor & Industry.

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