When you think of great, beautiful islands, I doubt Montana is the first place you think of. I mean, we're entirely landlocked - how can Montana be the home to any awesome islands?

If you're asking that question, than you're basically telling me you've never been to Flathead Lake. Because if you'd been to Flathead Lake, you'd already know the enormous lake is filled with all kinds of cool islands, some of which are for tourists, some of which are private, and some of which are occasionally terrorized by the Flathead Lake Monster.

Well, one of Flathead Lake's islands is now getting some national recognition.

Thrillist Named Wild Horse Island One of the Most Underrated in the US

Thrillist put this list together of the most underrated islands in the entire country - and Wild Horse Island from Flathead Lake made the cut.

Wild Horse Island got its name because - you'll never believe this - there are a few wild horses that live on the island. Not that many, though, so if you're out there doing some sightseeing, it's a pretty special thing when you come across one. Here's a bit of what Thrillist had to say about the island.

Hike to the top of the island’s caldera, an excellent spot to bring a picnic—the highest point on the island is more than 3,700 feet above sea level, a height higher than the highest natural height in 22 of our American states. It is my opinion that a lake is no kind of lake at all if you can’t swim in it, and so of course you can swim in Flathead Lake, where the rocks underfoot are smooth and shine in different colors.

Ever been out to Wild Horse Island on Flathead Lake? Might be a good time to start planning a day trip for the summer.

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