A young Montana man rescued a baby deer from a sewage lagoon last week, and his story is getting national attention.

19-year-old Joe Bauer was working with a crew in Fort Benton on Wednesday, June 13th, when they discovered a fawn stuck in what is basically a poo pond. The fawn had grown tired from fighting it's way through the sludge and it's mother couldn't get to it.

That's when Joe made the 100 yard trek through sewage to grab the fawn, and 100 more yards to bring it to safety. In the end, the fawn was reunited with it's mother and Joe was excused from work to take a much needed shower. According to the Great Falls Tribune, Joe said that the rescue felt rewarding but no one high-fived him or anything until he got cleaned up.  Quote, "They didn’t want me anywhere near them."

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