It's a race in Montana between "Help Wanted" and "For Sale" signs. We've all seen the huge price spikes in properties under the Big Sky. But we've also been disappointed by the length of time it takes to get basic building projects done. And often, that recently sold property which needs some construction work is faced with the question - "Can it be done this YEAR?"

Job training has been a main goal of the state's colleges. For instance, Bitterroot College UM in Hamilton has been successfully training various skills, from medical workers to commercial truck drivers. But construction job training is needed, too.

"Accelerate Montana" is joining some unique online training with in-person experience to create a fast track on construction skills. The University of Montana's Missoula College and Montana State University's Gallatin College are the first campuses to start Registration for "Job Site Ready."

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The summer classes will have 30 hours of online instruction. And, as with most online course, students can work at their own pace. At the end of that part of the program, the students will get 15 hours of on-site training.

No prior construction experience is required and the course will cost $750, and includes a professional-grade toolkit.

More locations are planned

And the program is expecting to add other colleges this summer and fall. Program Manager Katherine Lechman said in a news release, "Employers are eager to hire employees who have the skills that Job Site Ready students walk away with. We are excited to now offer valuable rapid training and expand it to locations across the state."
If you're interested in enrolling, Gallatin College will have registration June 11-12. Missoula College registration will be June 13-15. You can visit the Job Site Ready website for more information, too.

Job Site Ready is part of Accelerate Montana's Rapid Training Program with more information at the Accelerate Montana website.

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