Recreational marijuana has been legal in Montana for just over three months now, and we've already got a city making a list for the best weed cities in the US. And they say people who smoke weed all day don't get anything done!

The list in question would be from Thrillist, who published an article called, "The Best Cities in America For Next-Level Cannibas Experiences."  And there are a few cities on here that you'd likely expect to see, like Los Angeles, Portland, or Denver. So which Montana city has already risen through the weed ranks to join these esteemed cities on the list?

Bozeman Has Been Named One of the Best Cities for Weed in the US

Thrillist has highlighted Bozeman as one of the best cities in the country for a prime smoking experience, noting that because medical marijuana dispensaries were already up and running and had been doing so for nearly two decades, it was easy for Montana to transition to recreational marijuana at the beginning of the year.

I can only imagine it was a bit of a toss-up about whether to include Bozeman or Missoula on the list. We've had so many dispensaries popping up in Missoula over the last few months, and even more still to come - if they do this list again in a year, I'd bet there's a good chance we make the cut.

I mean, if they really want proof that Missoula deserves a spot, all they'd have to do is check out this year's 420 Block Party on West Front Street. I think that would pretty much do it!

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