There's a LOT going on over at, what Missoula lovingly refers to as, The Badlander Complex. First, their popular American Whiskey Tasting Sessions are back, with Session 35 taking place this Thursday, August 5th, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the eclectic Golden Rose. Isn't The Golden Rose SO Missoula? We love that place. Anyway, The Rose teams up with Grizzly Liquor and they do these Bardstown Bourbon Club American Whiskey Tastings. It's $25 for the full tasting or $15 to taste 3, you can buy tickets at the door or reserve a spot by emailing This session's line up includes:
Devil's Brigade (Montana)
Wolf Moon Bourbon
Horse Soldier Straight Bourbon
Rabbit Hole Cavehill Bourbon
Fistful of Bourbon
Lady of Bourbon Fury
Widow Jane

If you haven't been to the Badlander lately, they spent the pandemic doing some updates and implementing some new ideas. They are now booking weddings at the Badlander, some of our radio crew went to check it out and they said they'd definitely get married there, big thumbs up. So I haven't seen it, and it probably sounds a little weird at first to think of getting married at a local bar, but it sounds legit. I have a couple of friends who were engaged there during karaoke and I know they would have used the venue if it were available a couple of years ago.

The Badlander also updated their dance floor and they've got incredible new lighting. Check 'em out for Dance Party Thursdays every week, and keep an eye out for the Dead Hipster events!

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