Creating art is a wonderful feeling, getting paid to be creative is a whole new level of good feelings. Missoula's new shelter, The Meadowlark, is in search of original pieces to decorate the building on 3rd street, which is set to open this spring.

The YWCA will provide $500 for each piece that is chosen, and they welcome 2D, 3D, mural, multi- and mixed-media forms of art. They are especially seeking representation from Indigenous artists, and aim to have at least half the artwork displayed at The Meadowlark from Indigenous artists. So get after it! Art can be something you've already done, or something made specifically for the shelter.

Artists should submit between one and three pieces of original art for consideration for installation throughout The Meadowlark. The themes for the facility include family, stability, warmth and home. In reflection of disproportionate effects of poverty, homelessness and violence on BIPOC communities, the YWCA is interested in pieces that are culturally representative. To honor the traditionally tribal land that the Meadowlark is situated on, YWCA Missoula is especially seeking Native American representation. Anything fragile in nature or of inappropriate content for children would not be a good fit. Pieces selected for the facility should be available to YWCA Missoula by February 28, 2021.

Submit your art and proposal through the Submittable button at the bottom of this page.

The Meadowlark will be a safe space for homeless families and victims of domestic violence, and will enable the YWCA to help adults and children during some of the most desperate times of their lives. Whenever a family loses housing or an individual suffers domestic or sexual violence in Missoula, The Meadowlark will be a place for them to go immediately, rather than getting on a waiting list or applying for help. So it's an incredibly important addition to our community, and I imagine that our talented local artists would be honored to have a part in it.

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