Ok, there isn't very much history, so it's difficult to call this a historic eating challenge but it is difficult nonetheless. Back in 2014, here at Townsquare Media Missoula we created the Taco Throwdown Showdown. Essentially it meant that us big eaters would challenge each other to devour as many tacos from El Cazador as possible. The only rule is that you only have 5 minutes to eat as many as you can.

So, back in 2014 the bar was set...

Then in 2015, the record we being challenged.

Cinco de Mayo is this Friday, do you have what it takes to stop by El Cazador to become the new champion of tacos on Cinco de Mayo in Missoula? You need to eat more than 9 tacos in 5 minutes, it seems easy right? Give it a shot! :)


    Beautiful Big Sky View of Missoula!

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