Fall is hitting Missoula in a very different way this year, with abnormally high lows and low highs. According to National Weather Service meteorologist the wider-Missoula area had its first frost of the season on Sunday night after the temperature dipped below 32 degrees.

"This morning, Monday, October 8th, we were actually getting down to 28 degrees we're talking more of a freeze scenario as well, so we were able to get both a frost and a freeze all at once," Kitzmiller said. "Usually our average date to get down to 32 degrees for our low temperature is usually around September 18, so we're actually pretty late, and to get down to 28 degrees usually happens around September 27th, so we are late on both counts."

Interestingly, though the freeze has come late, the temperature during the day is actually much colder than normal, which, is a little weird.

"The nights have been warmer, but it doesn't necessarily feel like it, because our high temperatures have been cooler, but all the cloud cover has been keeping the low temperatures warmer," Kitzmiller said. "Right now, the high temperature should be around 62 degrees, but we've been in the 50s and 40s."

The extended period of warmer temperatures at night has been good for gardens, allowing for an extended growing season too.

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