As the partial government shutdown continues, Transportation Security Administration officers have been calling out sick and working without pay across the country. That has led to some really congested security lines in airports, but that is not the case in Missoula. Missoula International Airport Deputy Director Brian Ellestad explains.

“It appears everyone is showing up as they are required to,” Ellestad said. “We have a very dedicated TSA force here. Local TSA is working with them so they don’t have to drive in. Some agents are doing four ten hour days instead of five eight hour days. They are trying to work with them the best they can. So far there are no TSA delays. Everybody is showing up and we hope it gets resolved shortly.”

According to Ellestad, airport employees and several local organizations have lent a helping hand to the 50 TSA agents that are employed in Missoula.

“A&E Architects is providing some lunches this week,” Ellestad said. “I know Stockman Bank just reached out to us and so did the Montana Club. We are getting calls every day from people that want to be on the list to provide lunches, which is really nice.”

As always, it is recommended that travelers show up a little early. Ellestad also encourages travelers to thank TSA agents for their service.

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