Electric vehicles have been in the news a bit this week. Did you see where Volkswagen tricked everybody into believing they would be undergoing a name change? A press release was posted to their website on Monday claiming they would be changing their brand name to "Voltswagen" to highlight their focus on electric vehicles. The story was removed a short time later but the company claimed the details of the release were true. They said the story was published by accident and wasn't meant to become public until April 29 - not March 29 as it was. It turns out - even though a VW spokesman initially insisted the change was legitimate - it was a pre-April Fools' Day joke.

We'll put the pranks aside but still focus our attention on electric vehicles for just a minute. Local owners are coming together to put on the First Friday Electric Car Show and Rally in Missoula. It'll happen this Friday (4/2) in the Adventure Cycling parking lot and anyone is welcome to attend. You'll be able to see a dozen different makes & models and talk to owners about the benefits of owning an electric vehicle.

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Cars will be displayed from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM and be followed by a vehicle parade up and down Higgins.

An email sent to us shared the details of what the event is all about:

"The Electric Car Show and Rally is being organized by a group of electric car owners that simply want to speed the conversion from petroleum powered to electric vehicles.  While reasons for being involved vary, most of the group see a switch to electric vehicles necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and curb climate chaos.
Other electric car owners that would like to join the First Friday Electric Car Show and Rally are welcome to join and should contact the group through their Facebook Page “Electric Vehicles Montana."

Find Adventure Cycling and the First Friday Electric Car Show and Rally at 150 East Pine Street, a half block off North Higgins Ave. in Missoula.

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