Just a single person or two?, Or will today be fifteen people deep? Every time I drive down Higgins and pass by Big Dipper Ice Cream I have to glance over just to see what the line looks like. We do love our Big Dipper here in Missoula.

If you follow the Big Dipper page on Facebook you might have seen a post just over a week ago that teased a new location and asked the public's thoughts on a new location.

Well, the good news for Missoula is that we'll be getting a SECOND Big Dipper location!

A story in the Missoulian places the new store in Paxson Plaza. It'll be in the area across the parking lot from the mall and located next to the new Dram Shop location.

It looks like we should be seeing double the Big Dipper options beginning next April.

With the new location so close to our stations - this is going to be trouble next summer!

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