57 year-old Gregory Scott Tolley  was arrested in Lolo on Monday afternoon by several Missoula County Sheriff’s deputies with weapons drawn and a K-9 officer after a short pursuit from Missoula.

According to Sergeant Scott King, Tolley was suspected of being involved in a possible assault with a weapon, and was pulled over in what law enforcement officers refer to as a ‘high risk stop’ on Highway 93 in Lolo.

“We got a report of a possible assault with a weapon,” said King. “During that investigation they identified a suspect who was a known offender on probation. A deputy located that vehicle in Lolo and did a high risk stop on the vehicle (which means the officer commands the driver to exit the vehicle and walk towards the officer without the officer first approaching the vehicle). They arrested the suspect out of the car for a probation violation. Weapons were drawn by deputies as a precaution. The call said the suspect could possibly have been carrying a firearm and a knife, and one handgun was recovered out of the vehicle.”

Tolley was transported to the Missoula County Jail and booked initially on a charge of probation violation, especially since he had been prohibited from carrying any weapons by the court. Other charges may follow.

King said no one was injured in the incident.

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