Hooray! The Santa Fly Over is back, thanks to a local Mom, a group of sleigh builders, the Missoula Downtown Association, and ALL OF YOU who donated to the cause. The "Bring Back Santa Fly-Over" Facebook page started a few weeks back with a few families following, and quickly blew up to nearly 2000 hopeful members.

On Monday evening (December 14th) it was declared that Santa was cleared to fly over Missoula, to the delight of kids and adults alike. Back in the day, Santa would typically fly over on Christmas Eve, as kind of a gentle warning to let the kids know it was time to brush teeth and get snuggled into bed. But as you can imagine, all of this depends on weather. Right now, organizers are talking about a possible December 19th fly over, that would be this Saturday, but haven't confirmed quite yet, as they are also finishing up the lights on the sleigh, in addition to watching the weather forecast.

Surrounding towns should be able to see Santa flying over when it does happen, but keep your eyes on the official Facebook page for the day and time that the big event will happen. Don't know if it was the great crew at KPAX themselves, or a fan that dug up the old footage on YouTube, but the Santa Fly Over from 1999 is making the rounds, check it out below! Like your own teens, my teenager had never seen the Missoula Santa Fly Over in action like we grew up seeing, so I was glad that somebody shared this video, it's even cooler than I remember.

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