Have your kids been dying to go roller skating? I know there's a huge interest here in Missoula as I see lots of street skaters and little kids in beginner skates out and about in the warmer months. We don't have a skating rink here anymore but we do have Hellgate Roller Derby and they are opening their new location to the public.

Remember Skate Haven?

In the 1980s in Missoula, the three ultimate fun places for kids to go were McCormick Pool, Odyssey Aracde, and Skate Haven. That's a long way back to remember but I believe Skate Haven was on South Reserve and I wanna say it became "Skateland" at one point? And remember there was a short-lived roller rink out on Express Way at one point recently, like in the last decade, I was sad that one didn't make it.

500 Spruce Street, Google Maps
500 Spruce Street, Google Maps

Hellgate Roller Derby's New Location

Being a non-profit trying to find an affordable space in Missoula has got to be a nightmare, but somehow HRD made it happen. Their practice space is at 500 East Spruce in the building across from Black Coffee Roasting Company near the Madison Street tracks. I love that charming little part of town.

When is open skate?

Open skate is this Sunday, December 19th from 4 to 8 p.m. The derby folks typically encourage costumes and this event is no different, they say, "Bring your best festive attire and have a jingly good time!" All ages are welcome, there is a $5 entry fee and limited sizes of rental skates will be available. Please bring your own skates and pads if you have them.

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