Going out to eat in Missoula is something that I have taken for granted, but I'm appreciating it more and more each day. It used to be that if you wanted to grab a quick bite you could find dozens of places that were open, but now many restaurants have shortened hours, or days when they're not open.

During the pandemic, many restaurants had to change operations, but it seems some restaurants are still operating with limited options. A number of Missoula restaurants that used to offer sit-down dining are now moving to drive-thru and takeout only.

With "Now Hiring" signs on marquees and posters in windows, it would seem that many of these restaurants don't have the staffing to be able to stay open longer or keep their lobbies open. This is an opportunity if you are looking for employment. Please consider applying at the Missoula restaurants that are hiring.

Through conversations with listeners, and even through personal observation, we've learned about several Missoula restaurants with lobbies that are closed.

Taco Treat

Chris Wolfe was telling me that he was going to meet a friend for lunch at Taco Treat and when he walked in it looked completely different. He was told that they didn't have a lobby anymore, it was drive-thru only.


The location on Reserve has the shades drawn and the sign on the door says "Drive Thru Only, Lobby Closed."


A listener notified us of a new sign at IHOP that reads:

Sorry, We are

Temporarily Closed for

Inside Dining

We are open

for take out and delivery


We at the station often look for lunch options that are nearby and one of our DJs noticed the KFC lobby on Brooks was closed. Their sign says:

Lobby is


Door Dash

Uber Eats


Pick Ups

Can Come


There may be some lobbies that are reopening. I was told by a coworker that Freddy's and Taco John's just reopened their lobbies. Please also let us know if there are any businesses that need to be added.

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