Missoula's inaugural Psych Fest was such a success that it's happening again this year.

Psych Fest is a two day presentation of bands and visual artists at the Union Club ballroom (upstairs.) This year's bands include Spirit Award, Darling and Weep Wave out of Seattle; Lucid Aisle from Boise; and Missoula's own Charcoal Squids, Tiny Plastic Stars and Crypticollider, plus more than 13 visual artists. Get more info on each band at the Psych Fest II event page.

The two day event is April 28th & 29th and is all ages. Tickets are $13 in advance or $15 at the door. There will be a bar so be prepared to be carded. Get tickets and more info by emailing ghostcarrotrecords@yahoo.com

And keep in mind that the Union Club now has a fantastic grill, so you won't go hungry!


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