Missoulians know that crime has been on the rise big time over the past decade or so, most of us have been affected by it in one way or another. Since the early 2000s, my household has gotten accustomed to locking the door behind us, whether going in, or out, for any amount of time. Visitors always go, "you lock your door?" I'm like, yeah, what do you think, it's 1984 Missoula? Perhaps it was living in, and being robbed in big cities that did it for us. Maybe it was the time The Blaze car was stolen and wrecked through our closed garage door at home. It's just a good habit in my opinion.

You've also got your Missoulians who are still trusting enough to leave keys in the car, and even their phone on the seat, while they run into the store. And by "your Missoulians" I mean ME, it drives Dave bananas. But you can't be doing that with all of these criminals running around looking for some way to get money. Catalytic converters are stolen from cars and it's not even uncommon.

With that, the Missoula Police Department has launched their #9PM routine as a reminder for all of us to remove valuables from our vehicles, lock our car doors, lock doors to our homes, and to remember to turn on exterior lights and activate all alarms and security systems. The hope of the MPD is that Missoulians will join in the #9PM routine, or create a daily routine that works for them. Be safe, guard your valuables, friends.

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