Nothing says summer like a baseball game, and what better game to see than a Missoula Paddlehads game!

This season, Alternative Missoula and 96.9 Zoo FM are giving you the chance to attend a Missoula PaddleHeads game. There are multiple opportunities throughout the summer. All you have to do is enter your information below.

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Here's How It Works

Once you do, you're entered for the whole season! We'll pick winners for each game and if you're not picked, you're still eligible for the next game.

We're also pretty excited because Alternative Missoula and 96.9 Zoo FM will be sponsoring the Wizards and Wands night on July 21, and that will be a night with fireworks, too!

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All the Fun This Season

Our sister stations will be sponsoring other PaddleHeads games throughout the season.

Start thinking about who you want to bring to a PaddleHeads game--you could win two tickets this season. Enter your information in the form below.

Go, PaddleHeads!

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