Missoula Police arrested two individuals in the same stop after a probation officer called for some assistance late Wednesday night, March 29. Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

"About 11:39 Probation officers requested assistance form the Missoula Police Department where they had made contact with two individuals in the 1600 block of South Russell," Welsh said. "They had located one adult female who had an outstanding warrant for her arrest, which ultimately revealed that the other person involved was in possession of drugs and, apparently, in possession of drugs with the intent to sale."

When officers announced that the two were under arrest, the male attempted to escape and ended up receiving an injury to his face.

"The two individuals are identified as Kelly Rae Nagel and Michael Brooks," Welsh said. "Mr. Brooks, apparently made a decision at one point, when it appeared that he was going to be arrested to try to flee from the officers, who were then forced to utilize a taser to stop him. Mr. Brooks was then inspected by medical personnel as a result of a fall he took after the tasing."

According to Welsh, the drugs found in the vehicle appear to be opiates and methamphetamine.

Photo courtesy of Missoula Jail
Photo courtesy of Missoula Jail

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