At approximately 2:16 a.m. on Saturday January 29, 2022, Missoula Police Department Officers were dispatched to the Super 8 on Brooks for a report of a female screaming in one of the rooms. Officers recalled several prior calls to that same room over the past two days and were aware that 44-year-old Jason Brewer was associated with those prior calls. MPD Detective Lieutenant Eddie McLean explains.

“When officers arrived on scene, they encountered Brewer in the hotel hallway,” McLean said. “Initially, he was cooperative with officers and allowed them to inspect the inside of his room. While inside, officers discovered a female down on the ground with significant injuries to her face. Medical was contacted and she was subsequently transported to a hospital for treatment for her injuries.”

Court documents indicate the victim's entire face was swollen, her skin had a yellow-colored hue, and she had multiple patches of dried blood on her face. In addition to her facial injuries, officers observed multiple bruises on her shoulder and upper torso.

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According to McLean, officers attempted to speak with Brewer about the incident and he attempted to flee. He ended up pushing one of the officers down, but was tackled and taken into custody. He was initially arrested for Obstructing a Peace Officer and Resisting Arrest.

“He was transported to the jail on those charges, but subsequently bonded out prior to the investigation into this case being completed,” McLean said. “Later that morning, the Missoula Police Department learned the female’s injuries were significant, which required she be placed in a higher level of medical care. The victim requested the hospital contact law enforcement regarding Brewer assaulting her.”

A nurse in the emergency department advised officers that the victim told her she “wanted to press charges on the person who she lives with... as soon as possible.”

Officers were advised that she had a brain bleed, a fractured eye socket, and nasal fractures. McLean said the victim remains in the hospital under care for her injuries.

“Officer returned to the hotel room that morning and determined Brewer was within the room. He was not cooperative, and officers were required to force entry into the room. Probable cause existed to arrest Brewer for Aggravated Assault, Partner/Family Member Assault (3rd offense), which is a felony, and Resisting Arrest.”

McLean said investigation into this case is still underway and the current medical condition of the victim is unknown. Brewer is currently being charged with felony aggravated assault, obstructing a peace officer, and resisting arrest.

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable.

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