According to a post on Missoula's COVID-19 Mutual Aid Organizing Facebook group, a local 10-year-old will not be getting an upcoming birthday party because of social distancing. Her name is Dani and she suffers from PTSD and severe anxiety, so all of the breaks in her routine have "been a nightmare for her." Dani's 11th birthday is right around the 29th, can we all send her birthday cards, well wishes, drawings and anything else that will fit into an envelope to try and cheer her up? The woman who posted says Dani loves llamas, so we plan to do a home made card for her with a llama on the front and signed by all of our DJs. We'll be sanitized and wearing gloves when we sign, of course, and we recommend you keep your cards sanitary as well.

Thanks in advance! This might be a fun project for your kids during this extended time at home. The address to mail cards is: Dani Down,1439 South 4th Street West, Missoula, MT 59801.

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