The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on just about everyone and everything - and that includes the population of the homeless. With more people out of work thanks to the virus, there's been a rise of people unable to afford rent, and as a result, it's increased the homeless population around the country.

Missoula is looking to help this winter as the weather starts to get colder - the city has teamed up with the Poverello Center to open a new emergency shelter for the winter, which is set to open on November 1st. The new shelter is said to be able to hold 150 people, all socially distanced from one another.

The city did have an emergency shelter set up last winter at the Salvation Army, but its capacity was around 60 - and when you factor in social distancing, it was really about half that number. The new building will be located on Johnson Street, not far from the Southgate Mall. The Poverello Center has agreed to run the shelter and keep it staffed seven days a week, all the way through March 31st.

We've all had to make adjustments thanks to COVID-19 this year - even the Poverello Center had to lower its capacity, and earlier this year, had to partially close its doors after a staff member tested positive for the virus. So be safe out there, look out for each other, make sure to wear your masks, and let's hope to beat this pandemic sooner rather than later.

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