I moved to Missoula from New York a little over a month ago. Everyone I knew thought I was nuts. "But Mike, what is there to do in Montana? How can it possibly compare to the glory and majesty of New York?"

Well, today I am vindicated. Missoula was just named by Thrillist as one of America's Best Small Cities To Move To. The article quickly goes into everything that makes Missoula great - the outdoor sports, the landscape, the Hip Strip, the restaurant scene, the college, the live music scene, the breweries, the progressive attitude. Yeah, it's all there.

And I'd agree with it! In my short time here, Missoula has proven to be an incredible place, and as word continues to get out, I think the town will see a lot more people like me making the move to come over. And hey, Bozeman also made the list, so Montana got some pretty good representation here.

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