Activity is buzzing around the schools as students rush to and from class. Buses maneuvering around pedestrians in crosswalks and parents dropping off children in long queues jumping back into traffic lanes of Missoula commuters. All that visual commotion can cause us to miss that little 5-sided school crossing sign that looks like a little building. Refresher course, it means a school is coming up. It also tells drivers that they are in a speed zone that has a limit that might be as low as 15 miles per hour.      


You Might Have Noticed

The speed limit maximum in a school zone usually ranges between 15 and 25 mph. The maximum speed limit In a school zone is 25 mph unless there is a speed limit sign that says otherwise, like “When Children Are Present”.  Speed limits are used to indicate the maximum legal speed drivers can go under ideal conditions, which can be rare. Naturally, under poor conditions or when traffic is heavy, you should be driving slower than the maximum speed limit. 

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When driving in a Missoula County Public School zone, you should always use extra caution. Children may be entering the road unexpectedly, and at crosswalks, be sure to obey the orders of the crossing guard, they ROCK!

By The Way

Tickets are pricey. You can get a speeding ticket in a school zone during the summer months or times when school lunches are being distributed. Law enforcement will still ticket during special events. Keep an eye on where you are around the schools while driving.

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