The Missoula County Attorney’s Office filed 15 new criminal complaints this week, which are five more than last week and much closer to the weekly average. According to County Attorney Kirsten Pabst, 10 of those 15 cases involved partner or family member assault.

“In one, the defendant had been allegedly drinking, punched her mom in the face, bit her dad, and then kicked a law enforcement officer on the side of the head while being placed under arrest,” Pabst said. “She was charged with a whole slew of different crimes including assault on a peace officer, PFMA, and trespass to property.”

In addition, there were four cases involving violation of an order of protection. Pabst said there were many interpersonal violence cases this week and that they are seeing an increase in that area.

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“In the endangerment category, we charged one new felony DUI,” Pabst said. “The driver was also charged with no liability insurance and reckless driving. In that case, he almost hit a car head on, swerved and almost hit another car, pulled into a parking lot and hit a truck, backed up, and then hit another car.”

In the property crimes category, they charged four new cases. There were two thefts and two burglary cases.

“In one, a car was reported stolen,” Pabst said. “A week later, law enforcement found the vehicle allegedly being driven by the defendant and located fentanyl on the defendant. In another, over the course of about a month last summer, the defendant entered the victim’s garage, stole credit cards from the victim’s vehicle, stole two more credit cards from a second victim’s mailbox, and another from a third victim.”

That defendant allegedly spent over $5,000 using those stolen cards.

“In another theft case, the defendant allegedly stole the victim’s truck and was later found at Wal-Mart and in possession of opiates, a stolen handgun, a sawed off shotgun, knives, and ammo,” Pabst said. “Finally, a defendant was charged with burglary. In that case, he allegedly broke into a vacation rental property, allegedly took a bath, ate a pizza, drank some wine, and watched television.”

You can listen to Pabst’s full report below:

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