I have only recently joined into the "Battle Royale" trend in the gaming world. Recently PUBG (PlayerUnknown- Battlegrounds) was released on PS4. So now I can finally join in on the craze and get back to cussing loudly at my TV. Just like any game, it takes some time to develop certain skills. Some would say it could take a lifetime to master some of these games. I for one just don't have the time or patience to constantly get my ass handed to me by 10 year old kids....UNTIL NOW!

FORTNITE is another "Battle Royale" type game that has been a huge hit among the younger demo. And, is fun for the average gamer. But, over the holiday break I couldn't my nephews taught me that I didn't stand a chance of ever getting good enough to take them on. Thankfully, there is local help. Some would say a "Jedi Master."

AND WHAT A DEAL! Only $40 an hour!


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