Municipal elections are held every odd number year and candidates are now able to file for any municipal position. Missoula County Elections Administrator Rebecca Connors explains.

“April 20 marks the opening for candidate filing for any municipal position,” said Connors. “We have on the ballot this year all the council members in their respective Wards 1 through 6. In Ward 2 we have an unfulfilled term and then we also have a four year term. We also have judge as well as mayor on the ballot this year.”

According to Connors, there are certain requirements that need to be met in order to file for each position. All candidates must be registered to vote and are required to pay a specific filing fee.

“For council member it is $145.90, for judge it is $918.89 and for mayor it is $865.34,” Connors said. “The filing fee is one percent of the total annual salary. That is how those filing costs are calculated. The deadline to file is by 5 p.m. on June 19.”

Those who have already filed for council member positions include Bryan von Lossberg, Jordan Hess and Greg Strandberg. Incumbent Jon Engen and new challenger Lisa Triepke have filed for Mayor and Kathleen Jenks has filed for Municipal Judge.

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