We are so so so very excited for one of our favorite local businesses to be moving into an amazing new location. Good Medicine Acupuncture & Massage has let the cat out of the bag. They will be the new occupants of the historic Missoula church near the Police Department and City Hall, at the corner of Woody and Pine streets.

308 West Pine was the home of the First Baptist Church of Missoula for 129 years before the group became River Valley Church, which lists its new headquarters at 1100 South Higgins Avenue as of 2020. With that kind of local history, we're glad the building will now be occupied by a very special Missoula business owner, rather than become random office space.

Good Medicine Acupuncture and Massage was an idea, just a thought, that a very bright and talented Hellgate Rollergirl had for a clinic that would provide diverse services to improve the health of our community. She took that idea, used her experience from her private massage practice, figured out how to develop a business, and found success that we are beyond honored to have watched blossom. Jessi Gates Brock and her hand-chosen, exceptionally qualified practitioners bring you acupuncture and massage in an affordable model of care. Jessi and her impressive staff have built such a loyal clientele, that they have outgrown their space at 206 South 3rd Street. Plus, she has an equally successful second location in Bozeman!

Congrats to Jessi, her home family, and her work family on this impressive upgrade. They are ready to move into the church that they have been remodeling to fit the needs of their clients and to expand their services, you can keep an eye out for their grand opening on Facebook and Instagram. If you've ever thought about trying acupuncture, are looking for a skilled team of massage therapists, or have been referred to myofascial therapy, Good Medicine is your jam. Especially if you're a fan of positive vibes, relaxing spaces, and feelings of calming zen.

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