Destination Missoula was created back in 2003 as our city's official tourism program. A website and social media to tell and show the world why they should visit Missoula, I think there's even a magazine that gets distributed to places that tourists go, like hotels and restaurants. DM's photos and insightful articles make it difficult for anyone on the planet to pass up a visit to Missoula. For those of us who live here, the goal for Destination Missoula is to educate the public about the importance of tourism dollars to our local economy. You live here, you know how the cycle works.

So, what's with this poster?

Here at the radio station, we received a poster in the mail, intended to be posted where the public can see it. A lot of businesses around town got a poster, encouraging visitors to recreate responsibly. Reminding tourists to respect the locals, the native wildlife, and our natural landscapes. You know, everything that makes our little slice of heaven so special. Basically, rather than say "hey you, out-of-stater, please try not to be an a-hole while you're here," they used professional language and an appropriate approach.

Here's what our poster looks like.

Image courtesy of Destination Missoula
Image courtesy of Destination Missoula

What I love about this campaign is that as much as we depend on and encourage tourism, we don't want to give the impression that people can come here and crap on everything that is important to us. We're really just requesting some basic decency, common sense, and responsibility, which, judging by the actions of some folks over the past few years, seems to be very difficult for some to wrap their minds around.

Just letting you know what's up if you see these posters around town. And if you've never visited Destination Missoula's website, it's spectacular, even for locals.

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