The only way to wind down a long St. Paddy's weekend is to rally and keep it going!

Missoula's Cigarette Girls Burlesque has some incredible special guests for this weekend's (3/17) Sunday Nightcap at the Top Hat. And keep in mind, this only happens once per month, so you gotta go while you can.

Bursting at the seams with delectable dolls, curvaceous cuties, titillating temptresses, and seductive sirens, our troupe lights up the night with comedy, wit, and those devilish delights that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Featuring everything from vocal performances to body modification to good old classic bump-n-grind, our performers will tease and taunt their way into your heart. With the snap of a garter, a wink, and a smile, we are the Cigarette Girls Burlesque!

Doors are at 7 and the show starts at 8 p.m., it's just a $5 cover at the door and 21+. Now, check out this amazing line up of special performers!

Zara Renea Spritzer

Zara Renea Spritzer debuted as a performer April 10 2009 and has grown and developed into the queen you see today. While honing her persona she has traveled the state of Montana performing from Havre to Whitefish and everywhere in between. Her hair is as big as her personality, and it holds twice as many secrets.

Chase McGroin

My name is Chase McGroin and I have been performing drag since 2007. I am 32 years of age and was born and raised in Red Lodge MT. I earned the title Entertainer Of the Year King 2014 in Louisville KY. I have had the privilege to traveled to many states and venues across the US. Currently I am back in Bozeman MT where I first began my journey. Performing for me has a huge impact on my life. My passion for the arts has taken me to great lengths of personal empowerment and unforgettable experiences. I love to inspire people to be themselves and to take risks with there dreams and aspirations. If you don’t take those risks in life, then you’re truly missing out on boundless personal growth.

Jack Rackham

For classic, rakish style and fearless dedication, look no further than Jack Rackham. A veteran drag king, he is continually pushing his performances to energetic new heights. He has performed on stages across Montana and can regularly be seen as the co-emcee at the MSU drag shows. Don’t let his conventional early-Beatles good looks fool you — under the suit is a lovable scoundrel.

Vanilla Waiffer

Just your everyday drag thing straight from the large gas giant Jupiter.

Sebastian Stone

I am a drag king/boylesque performer based out of Missoula, MT. I am currently a Kitten for The Cigarette Girls. I am very involved in the LGBTIQ Community, mainly Outreach. I sit on the LGBTIQ Community Center Board and the ISCSM Board. I enjoy telling stories through my performances and sharing a piece of myself with the audience. I want to expose different art forms to people who normally wouldn’t have access to such diversity.

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