Missoula police are investigating security footage, hoping to find evidence that two missing girls were in Missoula on Monday. Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says a local store clerk called in a report after recognizing one of the girls on a missing persons poster.

"We were notified that a young lady from the Malta area in Phillips County may have been seen in Missoula by an employee of a local department store," Welsh said. "The information we have is that the young lady left home with some other individuals earlier in the week, the real concerning thing is that the young lady is 12-years-old."

The girls are thought to be traveling in a silver or white four door passenger car, with three to four males. Authorities describe the missing 12-year-old girl (pictured top left) as a white female, 5'3" about 100 pounds with green eyes, red hair and she wears glasses. Her real name is Aidan Dale Kaasa, but may be going by multiple pseudonyms.

The fourteen-year-old girl reported missing from Cascade County (pictured top right) is Storm St. Germain, she is 14-years of age, Native American about 5'8" 125 pounds with hazel eyes and brown hair.

Two of the males in the vehicle have been identified as Austin Adams and James White (pictured bottom row). The missing girls may be using pseudonyms and the group is thought to be driving to Spokane, Washington.

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