If you happen to be a fan of both Nine Inch Nails and the techno-paranoia Netflix series Black Mirror, you may have noticed some of the industrial band's songs featured in a new episode of the show, sang by pop star Miley Cyrus. Frontman Trent Reznor gave show-creator Charlie Brooker his permission to reinvent some of the band's tracks for the show by changing their lyrics.

The episode "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too" stars a girl named Rachel, who owns a robot doll called "Ashley Too." The doll is based on pop star Ashley O., who is portrayed by Cyrus. As reported by i News, Brooker reached out to Reznor about changing the lyrics to songs like "Head Like a Hole" to be sang by Cyrus in the show, in which he agreed.

"Trent got it straight away, it was via email and he was really happy pretty quickly. He wanted to see the script and I got to re-write his lyrics in a chirpy way," Brooker said at a press event. “I’m not the best lyricist in the world, in the first song she’s singing: ‘I’m stoked on ambition and verve’ instead of ‘You’re gonna get what you deserve’.”

The band even released a t-shirt based on the episode.

Listen to "Head Like a Hole" by Nine Inch Nails, and the reworked version sang by Cyrus below.

Cyrus has had her fair share of rock this year, as she also performed at the Chris Cornell "I Am the Highway" tribute show back in January. She sang "Say Hello 2 Heaven" by Temple of the Dog, and one of Cornell's solo songs, "2 Drink Minimum (As Hope and Promise Fade)."

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