The most recent Melvins record, 2016's Basses Loaded, found the duo of guitarist Buzz Osbourne and drummer Dale Crover working with four bassists. Crover has revealed in a new interview that two of the men they worked with -- Steve McDonald from Redd Kross and Jeff Pinkus from the Butthole Surfers -- will feature in their upcoming plans.

Speaking to CBS SF, Crover said that they have a pair of albums coming out. "One of them will be a record with Steve," he began. "It’s a double-record. The other one is sort of a secret, but it’s going to be us and Steve and Pinkus. So two bass players. Jeff came to town and we ended up recording some stuff. We didn’t plan on it, but we recorded a whole other record. It just happened. Funny."

Crover added that the double-album is all-new Melvins material, but didn't specify as to the contents of the other. And they have yet to decide which bassist to take out on the road with them. "We’re working on plans now. I hope we do both. I’m sure that we’ll work it out. It sounds really cool when we’re playing both those guys. We were like, 'Oh yeah! This will work!'"

All this activity is happening as Osbourne and Clover are set to launch Crystal Fairy's debut this Friday (Feb. 24). The band, which adds Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez from At the Drive-In, was set to perform five dates across California this week, but it got canceled due to scheduling conflicts. "That’s the problem when everybody else is in another band. That’s their main band," Crover said.

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