While this isn't her first performing visit to Montana, Maren Morris is excited about bringing her "Humble Quest" tour to Missoula. Her show at Big Sky Brewing Company Amphitheater kicks off at 7pm on August 20th, 2022.

Credit: Maren Morris / Sony Music Entertainment
Credit: Maren Morris / Sony Music Entertainment

The multiple CMA, CMT, and ACM award winner spoke with Townsquare Media Missoula before the show.

Credit: Benny Edwin
Credit: Benny Edwin


The tour is more extensive than the usual big name shows in country music, Maren is playing on average three shows a week, which will continue into the West Coast leg of the tour before wrapping up in December:

It's typically three [shows a week] this week has been four.


INT: I'm pretty sure Throat Coat and Lipton owe you thank you cards.


MM: (laughing) Yeah, you're on it, I love some Throat Coat!


INT: So Maren, is this your first trip to Montana to perform?


MM: I think I've played there before, not this amphitheater but I've definitely played in Montana before.


INT: Nice, well we're going to welcome you back with open arms. The show is darn near all sold out and we're looking forward to having you.


MM: Aw, thanks. It's gonna be so fun, I can't wait to see this place. I've heard it's beautiful.


INT: Montana's easy to fall in love with.

Credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images for ACM
Credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images for ACM

Maren at the 2022 ACM Awards

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In addition to being an acclaimed singer and songwriter, Maren is not afraid to speak up on behalf of herself on her social media accounts; a growing number of artists in the country music world hire social media managers to tweet and post for them.

Question: do you think George likes referring to himself in the 3rd person, or does he just pass off his social accounts to someone else?

I generally do have fun for the most part on those apps so it's always been me [posting]


I feel weird if it's like someone from the label or if something comes across as overly market-ey sounding it just feels really inauthentic and I'm like "Why bother having a social if you're gonna have people tweet constant links for stuff to purchase?"


I like to say stupid stuff and share memes and be like, a person beyond music. So yeah, it's fun for me to be in charge of [my own social media accounts.]

From her rare position as a star female musician in the country space, Maren is familiar with the spotty relationship between female country singers and country radio. Yet she is hopeful about the format's future:

I'm hopeful. I think I can easily get bogged down with the lack of forward movement; having more diversity and voices heard, and it being accessible to not just one type of person.


But I think COVID helped me step back and zoom out a little and know what my worth is, what my power is; that's with my voice and my writing; that's the change I can affect.


So I definitely have some hope that it's gonna go in the right direction. There's some amazing people in country music; amazing songwriters, players, artists. It feels like a family and we root for each other. And we also should, I think, more so do need to hold each other accountable and try to make it a safer place for everyone to come to a country show.

Maren with her 3-year-old son Hayes

Her new album "Humble Quest" is affectionately titled, as it represents her experiences in reassessing herself post-pandemic. We asked her if she could give any advice to her younger self:

I think, just stay humble, stay patient. It doesn't happen in a  day (and it didn't) but it's a lot sweeter when you go through years of toiling and hustling. It's a lot more satisfying when you have to wait for it.

Stay humble, fam.

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