Dead Hipster brings you another massive party on Friday, March 9th. This month's theme is "Player's Ball," so be sure to dig around for your rad jerseys to be ready for the 9th. I'm going to have to steal my Rodman jersey back from my sister for this one.

If you've never been to an I Love The 90's party at The Badlander, you're missing out on Missoula's biggest sing along. Imagine 500 people dancing, singing and celebrating the 90's while enjoying drinks with Missoula's party people, that's pretty much what goes down.

And there's no limit on genre of 90's tunes, you'll get everything from Nirvana to Salt n' Pepa to Tag Team to Sublime. Your DJ's are CB and Liza June, and it wouldn't be a Dead Hipster party without Abi taking pics. Starts at 9 p.m., 21+, $3 cover and $1 well drinks until midnight.

Join us for cheap drinks, great tunes and excellent vibes, Friday, March 9th, and every 2nd Friday of the month, at The Badlander.

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