Missoula police were busy on East Broadway Wednesday morning with two separate strangulation cases. Police spokesman Travis Welsh says the first call came in from a concerned neighbor around one in the morning.

"A complainant heard a female calling out for someone to please call the police, she was saying she couldn't breathe," Welsh said. "The officers arrived at one of the apartments in the 1300 block of East Broadway where they encountered an adult female laying out on a second floor balcony. They quickly moved the female away from the apartment door and began to assist her."

The woman had apparently been attacked by an acquaintance, who was still inside the apartment.

"They did make contact with 59-year-old John Huggins," Welsh said. "During the course of the investigation, they learned that the female reported having been strangled by the male. She also had apparent injuries. Huggins was eventually arrested for the offense of partner or family member assault strangulation. The victim was transported to the hospital."

Huggins is facing a felony count of assault because of the risk of permanent injury caused during the attack. Police reported that he seemed to be intoxicated.

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