After the biggest gathering of heroes in movie history, the Russo brothers will next create a gathering of magic.

Netflix has announced that it is developing an animated series based on the legendary trading-card game Magic: The Gathering from Wizards of the Coasts. And they’ve also announced that Joe and Anthony Russo will be the show’s executive producers. In a statement, the Russo brothers said:

We have been huge fans and players of Magic: The Gathering for as long as it has been around, so being able to help bring these stories to life through animation is a true passion project for us.

So basically for the Russos and Netflix, this show is like mana from heaven.

(I’m so sorry.)

Now over 25 years old and still going strong Magic has long dominated the world of CCGs and DCCGs, but it’s yet to make any significant inroads into the worlds of film and television. (A movie was announced in 2009, to be produced by Universal. When that didn’t pan out, the project moved to Fox in 2014, but it never came to fruition.) Netflix says that the series “will cross the genres of suspenseful thriller, horror, and drama with deeply developed characters the likes of which are not often seen in animation.”


All of the hundreds of characters and spells that have popped up on Magic cards through the decades (decades!) should provide fertile source material for a series. And the Russos seem to have a hang of this making stuff for fans game. Like, they’re pretty good at it! If I was a Magic fan today, I would be very excited about this news.

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