After being a resident of Lolo for over four years, I absolutely love the area but it would be nice if there were a few more things to do. Great news, there is now a Community Disc Golf Course that just opened in Lolo!

The course is a public venue on school grounds so tobacco and alcohol are not permitted when playing this course. The course is brand new so the organizers are asking that people who play the course be respectful and pick up what you pack in. While the course is on school grounds, you can play during non-school hours.

The course is described as a 9 hole family friendly course, so this could be a fun way to spend the day with kids of all ages. I will say, having played disc golf in the past it is a lot of fun but more challenging that it looks. If you have any other questions regarding the new disc golf course in Lolo check out their Facebook page here.

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