The first time I walked through the door about four years ago, it quickly became my favorite, and that was before I even took my first bite. The atmosphere is second to none with all of the animals decorating the dining room, and the huge grill that you smell as soon as you walk through the door. Montana is known for having great steaks and after being selected as the best steakhouse in Montana you know the Lolo Creek Steakhouse doesn't disappoint. just published their rankings of the best steakhouse in each state and as you can read in their article Lolo Creek Steakhouse was awarded the winner for Montana.

The other reason that I will always love the Lolo Creek Steakhouse is that I got to see one of my sports idol's while visiting years ago. Joe Montana, yes, the legendary NFL Quarterback was once waiting in line for a table as I was leaving the steakhouse. So, on top of enjoying the best steaks in Montana you might also stumble into a celebrity.


    Look at the beautifully snow covered Lolo, MT!

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