Paying rent sucks, especially right now in Missoula. Paying a mortgage sucks pretty much everywhere. Give up on all that bullcrap and live off the grid. Become one of those bus people, Skoolies, nomads, adventurer. Or just park this beauty over at the Misssoula KOA and rock it - her name is Peaches. According to the seller:

She is a faithful bus with only 80,000 miles on her diesel engine. She has a 6.7 liter International engine and an Allison transmission. This baby has a lot of life left in her! Peaches starts like a dream and runs without any issues.

Peaches can be yours for $17,000 and you can see her in action in the video below. If you're planning to take her on long distance journeys, the current owner says you could probably use a new set of drive tires. They completely gutted the inside of the bus, removed the seats, all interior panelling, and put in new foam insulation, including spray foam on the ceiling. Peaches also has a completely functional solar system with 350 watts of solar, MPPT charge controller, battery bank, and a 3000W inverter. Peaches can power any tool you have, and can function as a mobile workshop. Peaches also has brackets on the ceiling so that you can build a roof rack, deck, or anything else your heart desires! BADASS, right!? Can you imagine having this for summer festivals!? Damn shame there's no more Sasquatch festival at the Gorge.

The roof is leak free and get this, there's a skylight over the bed. Typing this is kind of making me feel like I need to go apply for a loan, this bus is a dream. Get complete details here.

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