Linkin Park promised quite the rollout celebrating the 20th anniversary of Hybrid Theory and that's continuing with the band turning their music over for interpretation from other artists. The group's breakout single "One Step Closer" is getting a fresh EDM spin today with 100 gecs giving it a new perspective as can be heard in the player below.

100 gecs also created an intriguing visualizer clip to go along with their version that features a cloaked figure meticulously building a house of cards. That video can be viewed below.

The critically hailed pair of Dylan Brady and Laura Les chop up the song while keeping some of the key elements in place, but they put their own stamp on it adding their own vocals in addition to the production.

“Part of the spirit of Reanimation was to take the Hybrid Theory songs that people knew so well, and let innovative artists flip them in ways nobody expected,” said Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. “I think 100 gecs did exactly that.”

The 100 gecs reanimation of "One Step Closer" is expected to be part of a series of fresh takes with other remakes expected to surface soon. But for now be sure to pick up the 100 gecs take on Linkin Park's "One Step Closer" here.

Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory celebrated its 20th anniversary last fall with the expansive special edition release putting the band back on the charts. The album returned to No. 3 on the Billboard Top Album Sales chart, marking its highest spot on the chart since its initial release.

Linkin Park, "One Step Closer" (100 gecs Reanimation)

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