One thing is for sure, there is no one that expected this in our family. In the middle of December my brother Andrew (Drew) started experiencing some elbow inflammation and joint discomfort. He had just turned 34 years old (on December 11th) and lived a healthy lifestyle. So, when the doctor requested some simple blood work it was no big deal. Later that day he got a call that changed his life forever.

Drew was told that he needed to get himself to a downtown Seattle hospital as soon as possible after seeing some alarming results from the blood work. It was quickly confirmed my brother has Leukemia, a form of cancer that affects blood-forming tissues.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

He is a father of a beautiful daughter, and one of the strongest people I know. Drew will beat this, but it's going to be a long tough battle as a strong dose of chemo for the first six months has already begun. The fight is on! We have created a donation page to go toward medical and living expenses, if you can donate thank you. But know we will take all the thoughts, prayers, and good vibes you can send his way.

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