Whether you're Spartan alum, a former wrestler, or just an all around kind person who likes to help Missoula's youth reach their goals, the Sentinel wrestling team needs your help. They have an opportunity to buy a $3000 van but they have to raise the money for it. All donations are 100% tax deductible, so why not? Here's the page for donations.

Spartan Wrestling club is looking to buy a van for the wrestling team. Over the last several years Spartan wrestling has been traveling across the United States taking kids from places such as Las Vegas NV, Fargo ND, Centralia WA, Pocatello ID, just to name a few. Fortunately we have had the ability to rent vehicles or have taken coaches vehicles in the past. Now we have the chance to buy a van for the team which in the long run would help cut costs for parents and kids traveling. We are asking for any help possible in raising some money for the van so we can keep taking these young athletes to these events.

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