Bike Disco, those are two magical words right there!

May is National Bike Month, but I feel like we're celebrating year round here in Missoula. Pedal Missoula is putting on a slew of fun events all month long, including tomorrow (May 9th) night's Bike Disco.

Portable speakers blast music as people bike from tunnel to tunnel around Missoula. Route is around five to eight miles at a slow pace with frequent dance breaks.

If you want to join us, meet up at Caras Park Pavillion at 8 p.m. this Thursday, May 9th! And here's the full calendar for Bike Month.

Oh, and if you're just getting your bike out for the first time this season and need tires pumped up and a tune up, we recommend Missoula Bike Source at 1509 South Russell, they're the BEST.

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